MISSION + Philosophy

At Sun Valley Natural Medicine, we believe the best way to promote long-lasting health and wellbeing, the practitioner and client must work together. This is why we spend more time with our clients asking detailed questions and obtaining a thorough health history. We believe that by understanding a person's whole story we can better determine the root cause of a particular issue, or issues, and develop a personalized health plan that will work for each individual's unique challenges and lifestyle. By providing these services we are providing a choice to the greater community. A choice to use less invasive, less toxic, and less stressful methods to manage health and disease.



Believing that each client is a unique culmination of mind, body and spirit, we understands that each piece (of the whole) will require equal acknowledgement, acceptance and care thus creating a truly individualized experience.



By emphasizing prevention of disease through individualized assessment of risk factors, susceptibility, and appropriate interventions we are able to provide a holistic, preventative approach to clients.



By taking the time to listen to each of our clients we are able to approach each of client with a unique and individualized approach taking into account their physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and spiritual well-being.